Thursday, December 10, 2009

Solution, sorta

The VIP got a new crepe pan to replace the one that broke the last time he made crepes. He christened it last night and we ate crepes with copious amounts of Nutella. I still need to get a new jar for the DD though.

Sunday, December 06, 2009


I bought my daughter a big jar of Nutella to put in her Christmas box. Step-son saw it and opened it up for one spoonful. There was already an opened jar in the cupboard. What do I do now?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Smacked by a Cosmic Clue-by-Four

I cannot find my size 11 KnitPicks Options needles. I have no idea where they are, so I guess I'd better take inventory of my WIPs and see if I can locate them.

1-- Pi Shawl. Size 7 Options, tons of stitch markers. Still at row 70.
2-- Cascade 220 scarf. Size 7 16" KP circulars. This is a mindless project that is sitting around with no definite end date. I should put it in the car as emergency car knitting.
3-- Brooklyn Tweed scarf. Size 8 straights. 39 stitches, 4 balls of Jojoland Rhythm.
4-- Brooklyn Tweed scarf. Size 8 straights. 19 stitches, 2 balls of Jojoland Rhythm bought in NYC at Knitty City the last time I saw LL.
5-- Socks for FIL. Size 2 circulars. Need to finish in a week and get them in the post.
6-- Socks for the VIP. Size 2 circulars. For anniversary/birthday/Christmas and the first one is already done.
7-- Socks for me. Size 2 circulars. Lorna's Laces orphan skein bought somewhere in Philly or Jersey.
8-- Socks for me. Size 2 circulars. Regia's Kaffe Fassett line. First sock done, second sock at heel. I really want to finish this sock, but need to spend time on the FIL socks to finish them first.
9-- Clapotis. Size 7 straights. Various hanks of Koigu mill-ends bought at Rosie's.
10-- Colonnade. Size 11 circulars, not nearly long enough, hence the search for my KP tips.

These are all I can think of at the moment. I'm not at home to go looking, but I'm mentally searching through all the places I hide my knitting projects and this is all I'm coming up with. Where are those size 11 tips?