Monday, October 05, 2009

I Caved

I finally submitted to peer pressure from my Haddonfield SnB buddies and signed up on Facebook. You can find me as Tola Faery. I keep it open all the time, same as my Gmail page, but I'm not constantly updating or even checking. I can't afford another time suck. I've currently got 4 socks OTN and a second sock in need of casting on before it becomes a terminal case of SSS. It's for a colleague of the VIP, who is always willing to give him his Enbrel injection when he needs it. She is an Amazon Woman, and the first sock is suitably large. I used almost a whole 50g ball.

Other socks are a pair of Coriolis for the DD, a pair of short socks for the Spawn, a pair of short socks for me out of an orphaned skein of Lorna's Laces that I bought a year ago in Germantown, and a pair for a dear friend who just had her world turned upside-down. I'm too far away to hug her, so I have to make her some socks. Plus, I'm teaching a sock class at the Haddonfield SnB on Tuesdays.

I'm also "working" 4 days a week, babysitting at a local gym. It's just from 9a-12p, and sometimes I don't even have any kids. It's not high-paying, but it gets me up and showered and dressed before noon (or 5pm) and it will pay for my sock club. I should probably have given up the sock club when I first lost my job, but I really love it.

The VIP and I are going to Rhinebeck in two weeks. I'd better find our Ravelry buttons from MSW so we get recognized. I wonder where I put those?

We have done two craft fairs this season, and have a third lined up. The VIP was such a big help and he actually quite enjoyed it. I didn't sell any of the coin purses I make from the handles of IKEA shopping bags, but I did sell a few baby hat/mittens sets and some coin bracelets and a decent amount of glass magnets. I actually need to sit down and make some more of those. They sell better when there's a bigger selection. I need to get some more organza bags too, so another excuse to go looking on Ebay. (Like I need an excuse too go on Ebay.)

Okay well a couple of kids have arrived, so I need to go pay attention to them.