Monday, October 05, 2009

I Caved

I finally submitted to peer pressure from my Haddonfield SnB buddies and signed up on Facebook. You can find me as Tola Faery. I keep it open all the time, same as my Gmail page, but I'm not constantly updating or even checking. I can't afford another time suck. I've currently got 4 socks OTN and a second sock in need of casting on before it becomes a terminal case of SSS. It's for a colleague of the VIP, who is always willing to give him his Enbrel injection when he needs it. She is an Amazon Woman, and the first sock is suitably large. I used almost a whole 50g ball.

Other socks are a pair of Coriolis for the DD, a pair of short socks for the Spawn, a pair of short socks for me out of an orphaned skein of Lorna's Laces that I bought a year ago in Germantown, and a pair for a dear friend who just had her world turned upside-down. I'm too far away to hug her, so I have to make her some socks. Plus, I'm teaching a sock class at the Haddonfield SnB on Tuesdays.

I'm also "working" 4 days a week, babysitting at a local gym. It's just from 9a-12p, and sometimes I don't even have any kids. It's not high-paying, but it gets me up and showered and dressed before noon (or 5pm) and it will pay for my sock club. I should probably have given up the sock club when I first lost my job, but I really love it.

The VIP and I are going to Rhinebeck in two weeks. I'd better find our Ravelry buttons from MSW so we get recognized. I wonder where I put those?

We have done two craft fairs this season, and have a third lined up. The VIP was such a big help and he actually quite enjoyed it. I didn't sell any of the coin purses I make from the handles of IKEA shopping bags, but I did sell a few baby hat/mittens sets and some coin bracelets and a decent amount of glass magnets. I actually need to sit down and make some more of those. They sell better when there's a bigger selection. I need to get some more organza bags too, so another excuse to go looking on Ebay. (Like I need an excuse too go on Ebay.)

Okay well a couple of kids have arrived, so I need to go pay attention to them.


Percy said...

Well, I got back on again. Good luck with your next craft fair. So glad the VIP enjoys them so much.

Tan said...

I'm glad the craft fairs are working out. What do the magnets look like? Did you get anything good at Rhinebeck? Maybe I should check the VIP's blog and see if he has anything new.