Monday, November 30, 2009

Post-Thanksgiving Crafting

So now my favourite holiday is over and the crazy season is upon us. I just hate the mad scramble to find "stuff" for people. I try to look for small, perfect gifts through the year rather than cop out and give a Borders gift card that required no thought at all. And of course then there's the economy which as we all know is crap. I see no reason to go all-out and over-extend myself even more than I already am just to save face. I'm knitting for many of my gifts, and some folks are just getting a beautiful card. I know that my good friends will understand because it's not about the "stuff", it's about how you show people you love them through service.

My list is short but hopefully it's meaningful. I need to hurry and get my overseas gifts done and shipped first, and then whatever gets done, gets done.

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jane said...

you've got it right miss tola. we are dispensing with gifts for each other and concentrating on my nieces and nephews and a few charities. it's better this way!