Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Daughter

I found it difficult to think of just one flower to represent you. I thought of the classic beauty of roses and how when I see them I am reminded of your beautiful soft skin.

The sunflowers and daisies make me think of your bright smile when you're happy and content with everything in your world.

The flowering trees of spring represent your youth and your incredible potential.

The wildflowers that grow alongside the roads remind me of the places you'll go.

I'm tempted to say that the corpse flower makes me think of how rotten and stinky you can be sometimes, but I won't.

After a lot of thought, I think that the bird of paradise flower makes me think of you the most. It's a flower that looks like a bird; it is exotic; it is spiky and poky; and it is like nothing else. You are totally unique, and I love you for it. You will be an incredible adult, if you can just get through this teenage thing!

Love, Mommy

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Percy said...

I'g glad you posted this. It's well done, and others can appreciate it as well.