Friday, July 24, 2009

NYC Again

The VIP and I went to NYC a few weeks ago to see my brother LL before he leaves for his master's program at Durham University. His program is a year, and he says he plans on staying two more years, working.

So early on Sunday July 5, the VIP and I drove up 295 to the train station in Trenton to catch a train to Penn Station in NYC. It was my first train ride, and although I appreciate the speed and efficiency of rail travel, I'm not sure I love it. Anyway, the trip took a bit over an hour, and LL met us outside of the station where we planned our day. But first, the gift-giving. I had a vintage Hawaiian shirt that was my dad's when I was a kid. He out-grew it years ago, but I snagged it because it held such great memories for me. It needed a bit of mending, but it washed up great. LL seemed to like it, anyway. And the VIP had dragged out every last bit of British currency that we had hanging around the house and it added up to almost 74 pounds! I put it in a zippered bag. At first LL was gobsmacked, but when we explained that it would be good to have some cash in case the exchange booths weren't open when he arrived, he was quite grateful. Besides, what are we going to do with it?

We headed down to Greenwich Village to visit Myer's of Keswick. We bought all manner of British goods, and admired Molly the shop cat. Apparently she has her own Facebook page.

After that, we wandered around looking for lunch. I was wanting pub food, but we came across a hummus restaurant first. LL had never had hummus, and he was game, so we had hummus.

The order of what we did the rest of the day is very fuzzy, but we rode the subway a lot, went to Knitty City, went to Times Square looking for pressed penny machines, found them at ESPN, Bubba Gump's, Sbarro Pizza, and M&Ms. LL showed us the new Times Square Plaza, where the city basically has blocked off a couple of blocks and set up lawn loungers and bleachers for those who wish to linger. We also hit a street fair organized by the USO, and ate really good burgers at a place I can't remember the name of. It was an awesome day and I had a lot of fun and I will really miss LL. He is with my folks right now for a few weeks so that's good. My DD is there with them too, which makes me much more relaxed about her being gone.

Still no job to be had, but I apply at about a dozen places per week. At least now I'm getting unemployment and so the bills are getting paid.

June was incredibly wet, but July has been drier and hotter. I much prefer the cooler, wetter weather. Apparently I turned 40 this year!

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