Friday, December 28, 2007

My Oscar Acceptance Speech

It's way longer than 45 seconds, and some of it is repeated from that last post. So go get a beverage of your choice and put on a CD and we'll get this started. And if you've got a short attention span, too bad. I am naming Everybody here so you don't want to miss your own name.

In no particular order, I would like to thank my DD, for getting through the day with grace and maturity. I forgive you for forgetting my shoes! My parents, for their love and support both moral and financial. Tan, for some lovely Wollmeise, and a wonderful girls' day out. Come to Rhinebeck! Kim and Val, for sock yarn, chocolate cake, and well wishes. Rita, Brenda and Tina, for being such neat LYS-people. Monica and Cheryl, for the beautiful pink laceweight yarn. Tina and Ronda, for pizza and company, and good girlfriends. Liz, for the wonderful experience of a three hour pedicure! That was so relaxing and thoughtful. Rae, for being an awesome boss. Sheron, JeCo, JeBla, Cory, Jean, Stan, Jacq, Michelle, and all my other teammates at Convergys. I will miss seeing you. Pam, for tea and sympathy. My doctor Deb, for making a house call to see to the ulcer on my dad's leg, and talking to me and DD at all hours of the day and night. My home teachers Marcus and Pat. My visiting teacher/RS President Becky, for saving my arse at the last minute. My neighbours Mindy and Darin, and Chelcie and Jesse, for taking my extraneous stuff. Daryol and Rena, for schlepping my bed up to Idaho, and for running the music at the wedding. I will miss you guys immensely. Jeanine, Barbara T, Barbara A and Barbara C for helping my mom. Kolette, for being so patient and waiting arounnd until we got there, and for keeping me company while I got dressed. Marjorie and Kelsie, for insisting on trying to make my hair look sort of presentable, and for being in charge of photos on my camera. Emily, for waiting as long as you possibly could before going home to a hungry infant. Flora and Aggie, for being our best man and matron of honor, and for doing our flowers and general fix-it folks. We love you So. Much. Mole and Mani, for being game enough to dress up in your card gowns. You both looked absolutely beautiful. Tamar and Jamukha, for bringing your children and also Christian and Carol with you. We are so glad you joined us. Paul, for going through what was probably one of the hardest things in your life. Don't let this affect you negatively, please. Shauna, for always being such a wonderful example to me. I am so glad I followed my prompting to find you. All of our guests from 11th Ward and 1st Ward. I am glad you thought enough of us to come see us on our day, even though we were so delayed. Kevin, for marrying us, even though you'd only been a bishop 2 weeks. Any wedding after ours will be a piece of cake! Josh and Charity, for upstaging us by being in the hospital having a baby! Luke, for sending me a congratulatory text. Guy and Machel, for not only coming to help us clean, but also for helping us re-pack the RV. The staff at the hospital in Kimball NE, for hauling the doctor-on-call out to look at my infected finger on Christmas Eve. Walgreens, for being open on Christmas Day. Flying J, for having such nice showers and restaurants. Mary and Duncan, for meeting us in Middlebury IN for lunch. I wish it could have been longer. Paul and Alison, for helping us unload the RV while wearing church clothes in a downpour. Barbara T again, for taking DD with her to Baltimore to visit her daughter while we drive across the country. I didn't have to worry one minute about her. Helen and Adrian for hosting Barbara and DD, and for letting me covet your pink wool blanket. It exactly matches my yellow one and it will be very happy with us. Liz and Ronda again, for calling me this week. I really miss you guys. Tina again, for sending me random texts. I have this terrible feeling that I am forgetting folks. If I've forgotten you, leave a comment reminding me. I promise to get thank-you cards out as soon as I can find them!


shauna said...

What a great post--I'm feeling all bright and shiny findin' my name and all. You sound like you're bursting with enthusiasm--Congratulations, honey! You sooo deserve a happily ever after. Please keep in touch--I'm so glad you googled me too. :)

ladydove said...

That's my superhero name
Random Text Gal!

da da dada!

Tan said...

I am humbled and honored to be included in your Oscars speech. I hope you survive your weird weather. We are getting snow in Portland tonight, and I promise that's weird for Portland.

Cherry did not make to an Apotheke, so did not get your medication. Sorry! She says they don't have that kind of thing at the grocery store like we do here.

Tan said...

P.S. the bag you gave me went to Primary here in Portland on Sunday. I have a photo of it being a Primary bag which I will send you when I get home. However, it is going back to being a knitting bag because there is no way I'm taking a lace project in the carry-on without protection.