Monday, June 09, 2008

Where Are My Red Pyjamas?

We are having a heat wave here in the Northeast. I'm not going outside unless I absolutely have no choice. It's even too hot to walk the half-block to the pool. I'm hanging out inside in my underwear, and occasionally jumping in the shower trying to keep somewhat cool. I begged the VIP to turn the AC on, just to 80*. I can handle 80*, if the humidity is low. I have no idea how I survived in Kiribati, with 120* temps and over 90% humidity. I guess I was younger then.

On a different note: does anyone have any foreign coins they don't want? I'll even take Canadian. I'm also looking for Opal #1235. Everyone who has one listed on Ravelry won't part with theirs.

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Tan said...

What does Opal #1235 look like? I wonder if I have it.