Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More Changes Afoot

This is a warning: if there are links on the sidebar that you like to read and haven't bookmarked, please do so. I'll be cleaning up that area soon and I don't want anyone sad that they can't find a favourite blog anymore.

I got a job! It's not spectacular or glamourous, but it pays more than minimum wage and it's at the same place that the VIP works, so we drive in together. And as we are moving in a month, we will be even closer and hopefully saving money!

I am still begging for foreign coins. I've been buying some on eBay, but I always want more.

I've been knitting a Pi Shawl, and I am at row 67. I have been at row 67 three times now. I think somehow my start-of-round marker has gotten moved, so I'm all confused in the lace pattern. This is my first real attempt at lace, and except for the constantly being lost, I am quite enjoying it. I finished a pair of Sunday socks for the VIP, which he loves. I used a dark grey variegated Trekking, so it was fairly boring. I'm knitting a pair of socks for myself, out of some discontinued Trekking that I bought from someone on Ravelry.

I'ts still very hot here. Sunday we went to the shore though. By some miracle, it was hot and sunny every single place except right on the beach. It was cloudy and foggy, and even though the temperature was still warm, it was just the perfect beach day. I didn't have to worry about getting sunburned at all. We found lots of shells to drill and paint and put on the Christmas tree, and we saw two seagulls playing tug-of-war with a crab. The skinny seagull won, but the fat seagull went and got his own crab that turned out to be even bigger. We started the day by attending our new ward. It is barely big enough to be called a ward, but apparently they are getting quite a few new families in the next few weeks. They are very friendly, and I think we will really enjoy it. We brought my friend DG because she is moving to California in about three weeks and we will miss her. She and I are enough alike to enjoy each other's company, and enough different to always have something to talk about. Even the VIP enjoys being around her.

So who is coming to help load and/or unload the truck?

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Nicole said...

Good luck on your new place. Sorry I am so behind on reading blogs. Good luck with your new job as well.