Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So I need to know if I handled this correctly. Last night after work, DD cornered me and begged for a trip to StuffMart for a new backpack. Yesterday before work she had cornered me and begged for the VIP's backpack, which request I politely declined. I told her I would buy her a new one at StuffMart after work. So we went, and it was LOUD. Sometimes I just get over-stimulated and I Can Not Deal with the cacophony of daily life. As soon as we got the backpack and a couple of other items, we got out and went home, and I retired to my bed. At 9:30 she came in and requested another trip to StuffMart for index cards. I told her to ask the VIP to take her as I was in no shape to go out again. I assume that he did, because I saw index cards in her room this morning. So as I was getting ready for work this morning, she called me. She was already at school, and wanted me to bring her oboe to her. She had forgotten it. I declined. I simply did not have time to do that and get to work on time. One day in band class without her instrument of choice is not going to kill her, and it may propel her to remember it tomorrow. So am I awful?


Percy said...

Natural Consequences.

Lynn said...

No, you are not awful! You are being a responsible parent and Not An Enabler. My kids learned early on that if they forgot to take their lunch, they went hungry that day or ate the PB-no-J that the lunchroom handed out. If they forgot to take their project, they took a lower grade [or a 0]when they did hand it in. Natural consequences are something that the "natural man" in each of us can understand, even if we don't like them. And if we dislike them sufficiently, we do not repeat the behavior that produced them.