Monday, October 13, 2008

Rhinebeck Stay-cation

We are not going to Rhinebeck. We want to go, some of our favourite people are going to be there. But we cannot justify the gas money to get there, and 2 nights in a motel, plus spending money. I have been agonising over this for a few weeks, and yesterday was Fast Sunday, so I prayed about it and got my answer. I am sad not to go, but I honestly wasn't properly prepared both financially and mentally. I knew that going to such a huge event takes personal organisation, and mine is in short supply since I seem to be using it all up at home, trying to get all my stuff put away.

However, I will be going to Stitches. My LYS is offering a bus trip that includes transportation and admittance and the price seems very reasonable to me. It will be a very long day, but I'll be able to meet up with AlisonH and I'll be with my friends from Woolbearers. It will be okay, I feel that this is the right decision.

I found out today why we aren't going to Rhinebeck. We are going to NYC to go to church with my brother instead.

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Percy said...

LUCKY!!!! Tell your 'brother' hello. Glad you get to go to Stitches. I am pleased at your decision making process. Can't go wrong that way. Love Mom