Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Gall Stones Don't Kill You

You just wish that they did.

Huge thanks to:

The VIP who took such good care of me for the 96 hours I was in the hospital, and for keeping everyone updated with blog posts and phone calls.

Home Teachers and Visiting Teachers and other ward friends who have called.

The Haddonfield SnB Group, and the Mount Holly Bevy.

My ER doctor and nurse, the ultrasound tech, the CT scan tech, my surgeon, my second surgeon, the house doctor, and most of my nurses.

Mom and Dad and Gram for their prayers and the lovely flowers.

My Cote du Ciel family for all the good wishes sent my way.

My blogging and Ravelry friends for same.

And most especially, Morphine!!


Michael Irwin said...

You're such a luv. How could I do otherwise ?

Percy said...

Loved your blog! LOL (especially morphine) So glad you're doing better. Hospitals are good when you need them, but home is best.

jpnielson said...

Sorry to hear that you had to go through that. Morphine became my best friend when i had my surgery. SO glad you are feeling better.

love ya,