Friday, May 22, 2009

An Old Story

I never blogged about it when it happened, but I will now.

Around the last time LL came to visit us, we noticed that one of the mattresses on the bed was slowly sinking lower than the other one. The VIP bought this bed over 20 years ago when he lived in Germany and it is quite ingenious. It's all wood, and comes to pieces with the effort of two people. This makes it easy to move. Instead of having one king-sized mattress, it has two extra-long twin mattresses. They are a bit hard, but we bought some nice foam mattress pads and I'm fine. The only bad thing is that we cannot get mattresses here that fit the frame. If we replace the bed, we replace the whole entire thing, and I'm not willing to give up the easily movable thing yet. Anyway, a couple of days after LL's visit, we broke the bed.

The first night, I slept on the mattress on the floor, and the VIP slept on the bed in the extra bedroom. But that wasn't very friendly and neither of us slept well. The next night we dragged both mattresses out into the living room and had a campout of sorts. That was much more fun. The next day was Saturday and we went to Home Depot for some lumber and huge bolts. For about $20 and a couple hours of finagling, we fixed the bed!

But I have to tell you, camping out on the living room floor really was fun.


Michael Irwin said...

Well, it was 1984 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and it cost me Fl450 (the cheapest double bed in the shop). I really needed the collapsability, as I had to bring it home by hand, piece by piece. Even a single mattress gets awful heavy after you carry it three or four blocks to home!

Then, of course, there was only one of me, so I made do with blocks and bricks and ingenuity to put it together.

If anyone is thinking of making a bed, this is a very good type to think about. -- VIP.

Percy said...

I admire your self-reliance. And I, too, think the 'campout' sounds fun.