Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad

My dad turned 81 yesterday. I turned 37 five days prior. I was my dad's birthday present the year he turned 44! Happy Birthday Dad.

My dad served on board the USS California (BB-44) for three years during World War II. The attack on Pearl Harbor was the catalyst for him to lie about his age and join the Navy. He was an electrician on a battleship that saw a lot of action. He doesnt talk a whole lot about his time on the ship, but I know he saw his share. You can do internet research and find out the pertinent points, but it pales in comparison to an eye-witness account.

Now that I'm in Logan and 2 1/2 hours away from my family, I won't be able to go to my nephews' grave today. This will be the first Memorial Day I've missed since 1999 when they died. The next time I'm up in Rexburg I'll go over.

Knitting news: I was thisclose to being done with a sock, and when I went to Kitchener, I noticed I didn't have equal number of stitches. I tinked for about 10 rows and then decided scroom that and ripped all the way back to the heel flap. . But it's okay because the size 1.5 needles I need for the cuff of the second sock are in another sock right now. I think I'd better buy some stitch holders as soon as possible. As I really have not much desire to knit anything other than socks, I've also decided I need a whole lot more needles. We shall see what finally comes to live at my house . . . . . .

It was so slow at work today, and I was able to finish the sock that I ripped back. Whew!

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