Saturday, December 30, 2006

I Love Magic Loop!

My brother gave me $$ for Christmas and I bought the Magic Loop booklet, a 24" Addi Turbo needle, and sock yarn. I've finished the first sock, I'm a third of the way through the leg on the second sock. But I'll hang on to my DPNs because they are still a time-tested method and there's no reason to totally give it up. Besides, I always have at least three sock projects going on at once and I need the needles!

My Christmas was interesting. I had to work the actual day, so the Thursday before, the DD and I drove up to Idaho to spend the weekend. I saw my friends, I handed out presents, I received presents, I knitted a lot, I ate a good early Christmas dinner (roast beef and smashed potatoes, thanks Mom!) and got to watch the family open my presents to them. My dad liked his knitted pears, my brother liked his socks, my nephew LOVED his SpongeBob blanket (I have a photo, but permission to post it was denied), the DD loved her socks and her slippers, my mom liked her slippers. I think I did okay. I gave RP slippers as well, and I am pretty sure he liked them a whole bunch too. *VBS*

I got sock yarn from my other brother, the new knitting calendar from my mom (but I asked her to return it because I'd already bought it for myself back in September!) and I got three Jon Anderson CD's from RP. I got Song of Seven, the first-time-ever-released-on-CD Animation, and In Elven Lands. He knows what I like, and it makes me smile. As soon as I got them home they went straight onto my iPod.

Sunday after church I drove back to Utah. Monday I went to work, and then was invited over to DF's house for Christmas dinner. Monday and Tuesday night I got to doggy-sit, but Wednesday morning I woke up quite ill. I was so dizzy I couldn't get out of bed. I called in half-dead at work, and didn't get up and showered until almost noon. I remained dizzy for the rest of the day, but went to work Thursday. Then I worked on Friday my day off to make up for Wednesday, and I still feel crummy. I feel like I've got a sinus headache, and pain right behind my eyeballs as well.

Tomorrow I get to make the drive back up to Idaho to fetch the DD. Then work in New Year's Day, and school starts Tuesday. A new year, one that I hope is better than the last one.

Happy 2007 to everyone. I love you all.


Karin said...

Hi Tola, Thanks for visiting at PSPRP. I can help you with the pictures, just send me an emailat the address top right under my profile. (It's a little lengthy to leave as a comment). Sounds like you've been very busy with your knitting - it'll be nice for you to have some pictures of it up :).

Le Mike said...

Happy New Year, Tola

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