Saturday, January 06, 2007

First FO's of the new year!

Made via the Magic Loop method, took me one week. I am so impressed with this method, I cannot believe people still use DPNs! And before you say anything, yes they do match! I saved all the leftovers from all the snocks I've made for family and friends this year and used them up on snocks for me. I love them and that's that! And I have enough yarn to make at least 2 more snocks like this too.

The top two are mine. On the left we have some Opal Dreamcatcher. On the right we have some Lana Grossa MegaBoots that my Faery Swap Sister sent me in October. On the bottom we have Christmas gift snocks for the DD, and for Baby Brother (age 26). Those are both Lion Brand Magic Stripes.

And then we have the knitted pears for my dad, and the felted slippers I made for RP, his DD, my DD, my mom, and me. Mine is shown in the pre-felted stage for comparison. The pears were done in Lion Brand Wool, except the little apple in the middle which was Plymouth Boku. The slippers were Mauch Chunky, Lamb's Pride Bulky, and LP Worsted, double-stranded.

Tonight I learned how to post photos through Blogger instead of through PhotoBucket. I've updated a couple of archived posts this way, and I'll be slowly changing over all the photos. I like how you can "clickety biggety" to quote the KnittyOtter (But don't read her today, she is seriously pissed-off.)

What's my New Year's Resolution? Don't know yet. Part of it is to knit from stash, like Wendy, and I'm already learning new stuff, like MagicLoop. I'm a lilbit superstitious in that if I tell you what my resolution is, then I won't actually do it. I know others say they have to tell, so they'll be held accountable. But I've never been known to do things the conventional way.

One last plea and then I'm going: Please keep RP in your prayers, as he is in mine. And maybe if you've got time, say one for me too. I've got a lovely shooting pain in my ovarial area and life is getting interesting just trying to deal with it.

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ButtercupElffly said...

Hi Tola, I love these, Your color choices and patterns are fab~~~