Sunday, January 28, 2007

Glitter Snow

I don't much like snow and ice, but if I *must* have snow, then I want glitter snow. That's the fine, tiny stuff that just floats down, it has very low moisture, and it looks like superfine glitter just sprinkling out over the world. If it happens at night, it's even more magical.

So I went to the doctor Friday. It was horrible. All kinds of tests for all kinds of things, and the fake icing on the sawdust cake is I had to have blood drawn. I hate having blood drawn, it is very traumatic for me (as if a full pelvic exam isn't?) I was shaking and crying and hyper-ventilating and sqeezing the hand of a poor CNA who was brought in for that purpose. (I heard later I'd left marks. I felt bad, but they went away.) During the wait between the doctor asking me for blood, and the vampire - I mean phlebotomist - coming in, I talked to MCM. I told him he had to come be with me and help me get through it. Since he's basically the one who got mad at me and told me I had to go in the first place, I reckoned it was his duty to at least show up during. I was probably calmer than if I hadn't talked to him. And guess what? I get to go back tomorrow for an invasive ultra-sound. I wish I could find my second-favourite sarong. It's blue with big hibiscus flowers and I am missing it!

After the ordeal (channelling Arlo Guthrie here, well I would be if he were dead, but he isn't, so . . .) I walked out to my car. The last few days we have had a lovely weather inversion casting gloom, doom and asthma attacks all over the state. Clear blue skies, but very hazy. I looked up into the blue sky, and all around me was glitter snow. It was falling out of a clear sky. It wasn't blowing in from off the fields, there was no wind, and it wasn't going sideways. It was definitely falling, from a high altitude. Think what you want to think. I am going to think MCM sent it to me, because he knows how much I love it.

Tonight I went to my first rehearsal for the annual production of Handel's Messiah. I did it last year, so while I haven't sung it all year, the music is coming back quickly. It had better, as the performances are in 2 months! If you are in northern Utah and you'd like to come see an incredible and amazing performance, comment or email me and I'll give the details. It is sung mostly in English, with one selection done in Spanish. And every piece is translated/ interpreted for the deaf in American Sign Language. Even if you dont understand sign language, it is still beautiful to watch. The final piece is "Worthy Is The Lamb", and the director of the group doing the signing does this one. He signs the whole entire life of Christ during this piece and he is so very expressive. You don't have to be deaf to appreciate it at all. I do hope somebody who reads this will come and see it.

I have some FO's to show off, but Blogger is being persnickety and refusing to upload. I don't really want to resort to PhotoBucket, so if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I haven't updated to the new Blogger, is this my punishment?


Gary said...

I had to have a camera down my through about 10 years back, I nearly broke the hand of one of the nurses.

Gary said...

Of course, I meant throat.

I should really go to sleep.

Samantha said...

Hey I found your blog! I also found my old one! hehhe Most of my blogs are about guys. Its like three years of my past relationships. Interesting reads.
Anyway see you at work!

dogfaeriex5 said...

just breathe deep breaths sweet faerie girl...
we are watching over you...

ButtercupElffly said...

Hi Dear, Please feel better soon---- I hate the doctor too!!! Ok, Blogger probs.. Try this.. Go to the Internet Explorer tool bar on top of page, click on tools, then Internet Options. If you did not start out with the "General tab" click it.. There you will see the "temporary internet files" section.. Click the Delete your cookies and after that click on the "delete files" these are JUST "temporary" files that roll off eventually so nothing to worry about.. That's fixes mine.. I found this info through the blogger help section.. It took a-lot of looking too!!!! What a pain!!

Here is some feel better soon dust.