Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Three vs Four

With three Advil, I can actually get out of bed and not cry too much.

With four Advil, I am knocked flat on my @$$ and am not good for a bloody thing.

Obviously, I don't do drugs.

Ultrasound yesterday was "inconclusive." Why not just say "we don't know whatthehell is wrong with you"?

Have I mentioned I do not like visiting the doctor?

Are you sick of the whining yet?

To quote Ron Weasley: "Bloody hell."


ButtercupElffly said...

No, you have aright to whine... I am so sorry you are not well yet!! I hate that.. Myself .. I have been suffering fro my dust allergy so bad lately I can hardly breath!! the last three weeks!! So I am with you on the
"Bloody Hell!! quote


Tan said...

Did you get some snow yet?

Have you thought about coming to U of U for a medical workup? The state's medical experts work at University Hospital.