Sunday, February 04, 2007


My doctor called on Friday. My PAP was normal, my cholesterol is 167, no infections, no STDs (wasn't worried about that one, actually) and the ultrasound didn't show anything cyst-like. What now? She thinks the pain is actually from IBS. I've had stomach problems all my life, so I'm not entirely surprised. But her recommendation did surprise me. Instead of treating the IBS, she wants to treat my anxiety/depression. New research apparently is linking the two. Guess I'll do it, there seems to be no reason not to.

So I switched to the new Blogger. It didn't give me a choice, actually. I went to write this post and it insisted I switch. So far it has not let me add photos to any exisiting post, so we shall see if it will let me put them in here.

Well what do you know! Actually, the photos are now out-dated, so I'll explain them. If you clickety-biggety, they look much nicer. Top left is a box full of cotton dishcloths. These are all made out of scrap yarn, as seen on the top right. The one shown there as almost complete is now complete. the other has disappeared. The last time I saw it was at Nana's house last weekend. She hasn't seen it, but I do hope it shows up. And to the left is the socks made with yarn given to me at Christmas by my sister-in-law. The second one is completed, and I wear them. As usual, I have enough yarn left over to make a third sock. I will count the yardage and wind it up and save it to make Frankensocks. I still want to make knee-high socks, so I will be experimenting with that soon. Mimi begged me for socks, so I found some interesting yarn for hers. She is a tie-dye artist, so I wanted something that would reflect that. I think I found it, but we shall know for sure when she gets them. The first one is done, the second is as far as the ribbing. When they are done and received, I'll post the photo.
Almost time for choir practice. I love to sing . . . . . . . .

Bears lost. *sniff*
~Another ETA~
I hope they fix the bugs in this new Blogger version soon. The link to my photo is broken, and I cannot sign in on my home computer to try to fix it. Mleah.


dogfaeriex5 said...

you do good work, faerie tola~*~*~

KnittyOtter said...

Oooo that box of dish cloths is so cheerful. :D

Love the socks. Those heals look neat. Which pattern did you use? I like the way they look woven a bit. :D

Tola said...

OMG look! The KnittyOtter read my blog!!! I used the Eye-of-Partridge heel, which is your basic reinforced heel flap, but instead of sl1, k1, i did sl2, k1, sl1, etc. every other knit row. google eye of partridge and youll fi nd a tutorial if my explanation is fuzzy! its extra-strong, and it looks prettier than just the regular heel flap. i dont do it ob every sock, just the extra-special ones.

xo Tola

Linda said...

Very nice photos. I think you blog look great.

ButtercupElffly said...

Hi Tola, You are still the busy lil fairie... Good news about your health in general.. I am so hoping your Dr. is right with the new meds.. So you can get back to were you like to be...


RC said...

have you figured out why you can't sign into the new blogger on your home pc? I wonder what's up with that?
your dishcloths look great and the socks are awesome! good job!