Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Nana found my missing dishcloth that was half-done. She will save it for when we are there next. One less thing for me to wonder about! I really could not figure out what had happened to it.

My doctor has put me on Celexa. 10 mg/daily for the first week, 20 mg after that. She wants to see me in a month. I took it this morning; so far i am really loopy and tired. I don't think I should have come to work! But my mood seems to be fine, im not melancholy or pissed-off. I came home last night and slept for almost 3 hours, woke up at 9pm. I was up for a couple of hours and then went back to bed and slept fine. But I sure could go back to bed right now! I hope this fades. I will try taking it tomorrow with food, instead of on an empty stomach. It might have an effect.

Still working on Mimi's socks. The first one is done, but I poked a big hole in my finger with those size 1 needles, so I've been not working exclusively on the second sock. I made a dishcloth on Monday. Not really bright colors, but still pretty. KnittyOtter said she liked my photo of my box full of dishcloths. When we get another bright day I'd like to spread them all out and take a group shot, because they have a lot of impact that way I think.

I've also been trying to finish up some WIPs. I have some wristwarmers that I started before Thanksgiving that I want to get out of my stash. I also have a Paris Loop poncho that just needs about 8 more inches of purling to finish it. It's really heavy novelty yarn, and I am really not sure if I am going to like the whole thing. Maybe I'll put a lifeline on it and actually try it on and see. I hate having wasted all that time working on it, but if I'm not going to finish it then I may as well frog it and use the yarn for something else. It's pretty yarn, bright magenta. I love my other two Paris Loops that I've made.

On to family news now:
My baby brother has gotten a job back east. I guess it's in New Jersey. I don't know exactly what it is or the firm it is with, but I know he is happy to be going back there. He served his mission there 1999-2001 in Connecticut and he really enjoyed it. He leaves next Monday, so there is a farewell/open house being held at my mother's other daughter's house in Layton. I am waffling over whether or not I want to go. I want to see my folks, and my brother, and my favourite nephew. But everyone else: not so much. It's this Sunday, so I have a few more days to decide. I am probably going, but maybe I'll take my own food. I don't want to eat anything she has made. Yes, I am probably being petty. But she really acted horribly towards me and she isn't sorry. She told my mother she'd "give me a hug" if I showed up. Well I don't want a hug. I want an apology. A real one, not a fakey-fake one.

My other brother (not named Daryl) has been using the knitting loom and making hats for the Humanitarian Services. I've been trying to supply him with all manner of acrylic yarn (his favorite) but he done wiped me out! I asked our RS president last week if there was a bag of yarn in the cupboard that he could have, as he is making hats for Humanitarian. She gave me a whole big bag, and he came and got it and was very happy with the selection. Calling all de-stashers: if you have some unused acrylic yarn marinating in your stash, I'll supply you with an address to send it to. Or if you live between Preston and Ogden, I'll come pick it up. If you live between Malad and Rexburg, I'll pick it up the next time I go to see my folks. Thanks!

And I also would like to thank Kim for the beautiful little care package I received a couple of days ago. She sent me a lovely card, with an ATC tucked inside, as well as two lovely Kirks Folly pieces. Just knowing she was thinking about me made me feel so warm and fuzzy. Thank you Kim!

My ex-pat Brit friend found this on The Beeb website.


Tan said...

IMHO one should never allow someone else's rude behavior to determine one's own behavior. If you want to see everyone except your ?sister?, you definitely should go see everyone. She doesn't deserve to have control over your life.

Gary said...


My son was born in that hospital.

KnittyOtter said...

If I had any extra acrylic around I'd give it to your brother. I gave it all away already.

I hope your sleep pattern gets more on track for you soon.

I'll be looking forward to your dishcloth photos. ;^)


Raesha D said...

I have a couple skeins of acrylic that I could send - it's from assortment bags of yarn I bought that I will never use. I've made those hats before too at Enrichment - they are fun and completely addicting!!!!