Friday, February 16, 2007

I Survived

I'm sure you're all wondering how last weekend went. Well, it was passable. I begged a good friend to come with me, and we had a much nicer time than I thought was going to happen. I got the afore-mentioned hug when I came in the door, and then I was ignored the remainder of the evening. Works for me! I got lots of snuggles from my favorite nephew. Poor little guy, he broke his arm a couple of months ago, and then he had a tooth abcess that had wrapped itself completely around his eye socket. He had been hospitalized for a few days but handled it with aplomb. He had all those nurses wrapped right around his little finger. He is such an adoring and adorable child, I wish he were mine!

I've been on the Celexa about 10 days now. I'm still doing just 10 mg, and trying to resist taking afternoon naps. Some days I win, some days I give in gracefully! I am noticing my attitude and emotions are much more positive, and if I can just get a handle on the sleepiness, I think this will do well for me.

So here are some finished dishcloths, made from scrap yarn. What do you think? Yes, I can make dishcloths all one color, and I do! But I hate to waste anything so I make these with the scraps. I think they are actually much prettier, much more artistic, and not to mention thrifty. "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." I hate to do without, so I scrimp in some areas so I can splurge in other areas. What about you? What do you do to get what you want?

And here are the sister-in-law socks. The toes match nearly perfectly but you know I don't freak about about matchy-matchy socks. Back to the not-wasting-anything thing. If I pull off too much yarn on my cast-on, I frog the cast-on and do it again so that I waste less yarn! ::shrug:: It's a Tola thing.

If you take a look at the Daily Addictions list over yonder, you may have noticed I added some more links. I'm so bad at updating that, but I try to do it at least every few weeks. If you've commented and I haven't added your link, it's not because I don't like you!!

I added Bella Pink Cafe for two reasons: First, pink is my very most favouritest colour in the whole entire world. And second, I have someone very dear to me who calls me Bella. It's a play on the name my parents gave me (no I'm not going to tell you what it is).


Tan said...

Wow, what a pile of dishcloths! The socks came out nicely. I sometimes make mine match and sometimes I just don't bother. When I'm making them match I will even pull out some yarn for the heels and toes and ball it up and hold it in reserve (if it's something like Opal where the repeats are really weird).

RC said...

I LOVELOVELOVE the way your dishcloths came out. very artsy. I going to save all my bitty scraps and get the colors to coordinate, um maybe. But this is the first time I've seen anyone use the bits like this. Very inspiring!
Oh and to get what I want/need I sell stuff I no longer want/need on Ebay. Which reminds me.... I need to list some things soon.....
excellent socks too...I only matchy the stripes if the socks are to be gifted, otherwise, I just knit away!

KnittyOtter said...

I think your dish clothes are rather nifty. :D

Love the pictures of them all together like that.

You're making me want to dig out some cotton and get to knitting! :D

Raesha D said...

It's a virtual rainbow of dishclothes!!! They are so pretty...I never thought of using all my scaps to make one:):) Thanks for the great idea!

love.boxes said...

Tola, thanks so much for the movie review that you posted on my blog. I still didn't get to see it. Long lines. You think it's appropriate for a kind of sensitive 10 year old? I read the book way back when as well, but I don't remember it at all, except that I liked it. Thanks again! Have a great day!

dogfaeriex5 said...

well, sweet tola faerie~
the cleaning faeries at your home must have some cool rags for cleaning things!! you make the most beautiful colored things from yarn..very envious...