Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th!

To celebrate the day, I present to you my first completed pairs of socks for Summer of Socks.

I am not officially enrolled in Summer of Socks, I am just playing along from the sidelines. At first I thought I wanted to see how many socks I could knit in the time period, but now I've decided to use the time to explore new sock techniques and patterns. Obviously I had to get my Stars and Stripes socks done first, so that I could wear them tonight at the barbecue and fireworks our SCA group is doing. But the second pair I learned how to do short-row heels (Cat Bordhi's version) and while I'm not sure if I'm in love with the technique, at least now I know how to do it. It's quite amazing how that pair happens to match nearly exactly, which was totally accidental. For my third pair, I am doing the ubiquitous Jaywalkers. I have never done a patterned sock yet, and this one is fairly easy. If you click on Cara's banner enough times, eventually you'll get to her photo of her pile of Jaywalkers. And I need to post two other pairs that I finished before my trip to Chicago. The short ones are for my doctor, they knit up super fast. The long ones are mine and I got the yarn from my LYS and it is totally bizarre how one pooled like crazy and the other striped up like it's supposed to. Weird.

Confidential to VIP:
Pooling happens of its own accord, you cannot really do much to encourage or discourage it. The next pair of socks I have on deck for you are plain green, with yarn I bought in Chicago. And why would I want to knit a sweatband? Are you going for the Mark Knopfler look?


Anonymous said...

Can you make me a pair of pooled socks too ? I think they look cool. How much do you charge ? Have you tried doing things like sweatbands in the same look - sort of lineal tie-die !

Anonymously - the VIP !

Lynn said...

Who cares what Mark Knopfler looks like? I absolutely love his voice.