Monday, July 30, 2007

Too @#$% Hot

I've got FO's to show off, as well as presents. But it is just too freaking hot to go outside and take photos. How I wish my fridge had an icemaker. How I wish my house didn't have a west-facing living-room window.

But, I am grateful that I have a lovely house, with a fridge. (Just in case Someone thinks I'm not grateful.)

Short of showering with my clothes on (which I have done, BTW) how can I keep cool?

I found this short movie about Crown Fountain. I'm going to think cool thoughts.


Linda said...

You know, I have no idea short of an a/c unit and fans. I hate being hot. I hate being really cold for that matter.

Tan said...

You're moving soon so I guess you don't want to buy central air conditioning. They have a portable air conditioner at Sears and Home Depot. You put a hose out your window with some insulation to keep hot air from coming in, and it blows pretty hard.

Anonymous said...

The VIP dislikes feeling hot 'n' sticky too. He's looking at a month and a day as an intolerably long time to wait.

The Waiting VIP !

Michelle said...

that takes a lot for you to be hot, i'd probably die.