Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stuff Is Missing

You *always* lose something when you move. But I have lost some very precious things, and I'm quite upset about it. First and foremost, my marked-up scriptures. My working copy, so to speak. My BoM has something written on every single page, and the notes began in 1996. I even notated the pages where my daughter scribbled on them. Now, all is not totally lost, because before I left Rexburg, I made a copy of my BoM for a friend, and I know she would lend it back to me for a few weeks while I re-copied it. My D&C and Bible aren't marked up as much, and because of that I think all of those notes made it to my small-edition. The bag they are all in, is a special Kirks Folly bag that I got when I went to Fairyland 2000. It's a nice bag, but I really just want the contents. I am also missing a bag that has my pink Birkenstock sandals that my Mom bought me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I *think* it also has the special door-holding-open rock that I've had since 1991. I could be wrong on that count though. And then there's the sock yarn. I've lost my sock yarn. Not my huge sock yarn stash, but my leftovers stash. All the remnants of all the socks I've made. I had enough there for at least another six pairs of socks.

I have gone through almost every nook and cranny in this tiny house, and I have not come across these items. I am positive they all got into the truck with us. I am even sure I've seen them in the past 3 weeks. But now they are nowhere to be found.

Oh, and I woke up this morning with a sore throat. It's 20* outside, too.


Tan said...

sorry about your lost stuff. trusty ate my scriptures but at least I have the leftovers so I can copy my notes into the new ones

shauna said...

I hate trying to reorient myself after a move. So sorry to hear your scriptures were a casualty. Hope you find them soon!

(And say hi to the VIP for me--he left the nices comment on my blog a couple weeks ago and I never said thanks. Mahalo!)