Sunday, March 23, 2008

He Is Risen

Happy Easter to everyone. As much as I love Christmas and all that it signifies, I love Easter even more. For one, I don't have to fret about endless parties and gifts and all that. It is just mostly a family day, with an extra-nice dinner if you like. This year Easter means even more to me. I feel like this should really be New Year's instead of January 1. I hope you all have a wonderful spring, and that you get what you want and need.


Percy said...

Thanks for sharing. The picture pretty much says it all. Happy Easter!

ps to the other blog. I like the DSS's feet picture and how nice that he's easy to please. Pretty funny conversation.

Tola said...

well actually, them's MY feet. trying to get the DSS to hold still long enough to take a picture of his socked feet is next to impossible. so i modeled them instead, since we wear the same size.