Sunday, March 30, 2008

LYS Review

Yesterday was the first Saturday we have had in awhile where nobody had anything at all scheduled. So after doing Nothing for awhile, the VIP and I went to a couple of LYSs. I am going to review one, as I'm going to leave the other one for another time.
Nangellini is in Center City Philadelphia. We were lucky in the fact that it stays open until 8pm on Saturdays. It took awhile to get there, as we were coming from Germantown. It was just as easy to go through town as it was to find I-95 to follow the GoogleMap directions. We saw some *interesting* parts of town, I'll tell you what. We went through Temple University, we passed the Shriner's Hospital, and then finally when we saw the statue of William Penn, we knew we were almost there.

Nancy who owns Nangellini has awesome hair. I was so fascinated by it that I forgot to take a picture! But the good news is that they have knitting meetup every Sunday afternoon, and the VIP says we can go sometime. She had just finished an amazing shawl, which the VIP photographed. She didn't have a whole lot in the way of sock yarn, although she had a lovely selection of Silky Wool that her assistant Nicole says that lots of folks use to make socks. I wound up buying two hanks of laceweight yarn, because it was such an incredible price and I *may* double-strand it and make socks with it. That was on the advice of the lovely Nicole. They very kindly wound it into center-pull balls for me and we chatted about all the wonderful yarn and the artwork and the clothing that she has for sale there.

In case you want to go, you can park for free in the Whole Foods parking garage. Apparently at some times you must get your parking ticket validated with a purchase, but when we went it was free parking time so we didn't have to. We bought supper there anyway. They have a wonderful buffet for $7.99/lb.

Here are a few more of my favourite images from yesterday. Enjoy! Click for big, it is worth it.


Percy said...

Gram LOVES the shawl!

shauna said...

Sheesh--feels like I've been away forever. What great pictures. Now I'm hankering to drop by for a visit... :)

RC said...

oohh you certainly DID take the scenic route.. through Temple and Shriners... yikes!
thanks for the heads up on the new to me yarn shop.. will put on my list