Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fly-by Post

Big huge SCA event yesterday, a few photos, a very nice story. Not right this minute, though.

Remember this? I found the pattern for it here. I don't live in Great Britain, but I'm going to knit one anyway!

The general website seems to be

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Tan said...

We used to be in SCA, when we lived in New Orleans (Barony of Axemoor, then in the Kingdom of Meridies, now Gleann Abhan). My research into my persona turned into a degree in Medieval Studies from Tulane! When we moved here things were busier and we just didn't get back into it. I kind of lost interest in all the costuming. We did go to a couple of events (this was sixteen years ago). People paid more attention to my dog than to me, not surprising since we had a wolfhound then. People were very serious about their personae in New Orleans. One couple had cooking parties, and I believe published a cookbook of medieval recipes we tested. The last I heard they were in Chicago. Let me see, Elizabeth and . . . well, I can't remember. Too bad.