Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My New Toy

What's in the box? Newspapers in Polish? Parts and pieces? Pink paint?

It's my new wheel! Look how pretty, look how pink. Am I excited? Oh yeah!

So for those who would like to know the specs, it's a Kromski Prelude. I had thought long and hard about what wheel I wanted to get. For a long time I thought the Kromski Minstrel was it. But here are the reasons I chose the Prelude: it weighs nine pounds, it was the least expensive wooden wheel I could find, it has single-treadle, and like all Kromski wheels I could get it unfinished and do the finish myself. I'd have preferred to find a double-drive/single-treadle castle wheel under $500. Schacht makes one, but it's too much money and too heavy for now. But I love my wheel. I took it to SCA the other night where it was quite the attraction.

I took a long time to choose the paint colour, too. I have always loved pink in all shades, but as I've grown older I find I am more attracted to the salmon-y shades rather than the purply shades. Of course, any pink is better than no pink.

Tonight is the quarterly Gallery Walk in town. We shall be at our usual place in the foyer of the Emporium. And next week of course is our bi-monthly Spinner's/Knitter's Night at the same location. I cannot wait to see what people say about my beautiful pink wheel. I am having so much fun with it, mostly because it is MINE! I can fiddle with all the knobs without worrying that I'm going to break something or goof up somebody else's settings. I can learn exactly what happens when I tighten this or loosen that. I am practicing getting it right with a huge lot of black lambswool that I bought quite some time ago. I love spinning lambswool because it loves to be spun fine, but it can also take being spun thick. When I am all done, I'll have two pounds, plied. That's enough for a sweater. It's not actually black black, but very very dark chocolate brown. Think of the darkest chocolate you've ever seen. I might see if I can overdye it with some hot pink to see if it will pick up any colour. It might turn into a warm black.

Oh, and to the wonderful reader who sent me three skeins of STR in various shades of pinks: I've finally decided on a project. I am going to make a circular shawl. So far the plan is to start with one skein and just go go go until I run out, then go to the next skein and repeat. I've got over 1000 yards and I do believe that is enough. I cannot bear to waste any of this beautiful yarn!

~~Confidential to RP~~
Regarding your post labelled "Reunited", I am so happy for you both! I think it will be a good thing.

Love you all!!


Valerie said...

I found you!!! I saw your comment on the Yarn Harlot's blog and followed you home! (Yes, the pathetic person that is me had lost your blog URL again.)

I love your pink wheel!!!!!! (I think it deserves a few more exclamation points!!!!!!!!) Will I get to see you at Rumplypimplyskin this Friday for Gallery Walk?

Tan said...

Wow! Congratulationis! You'll have so much fun!!!

Valerie said...

Where was I during Gallery Walk? Every time I'd try to make a break for the door, someone else would toss their cookies. If we have another round of stomach flu here at Chez Shoeless, I'm going to hand everyone their own bucket and go hide in my closet with my spinning wheel. Did you have fun? I will be there next Friday, I will, I WILL!!!!

Kim said...

Pinkie looks good!!! Did you get the hole drilled that you needed to? :)