Tuesday, June 05, 2007

FOs and Presents

1, 2 & 3 -- The VIP socks and the Time-Out socks. Note the tons of ends I had to weave in.
4 -- Socks made from the scraps of the two pair of wool/alpaca socks I made last year and loved to death. Note the short-row garter heels. Jury is still out on how I feel about those.
5 -- Above-mentioned socks.
6 -- The blue socks made from the leftovers of what I made MCM's socks from, along with the remainders of a pair my friend made, augmented by some stuff I had in stash. Kind of amazing how they all go together so well.
7 -- Another Moebius. Made from BFL, edged in mohair. I had 2 feet of yarn left over. I like when that happens!
8 -- A present from my friend BT when she accompanied her son to NYC for a concert at Carnegie Hall. She knows I love me the M&Ms!!
9 & 10 --The best birthday present I've gotten in a long time. I don't know its provenance exactly, but as far as I know, it's official and vintage. And if you still had any doubts that I am the YesGirl, all doubt has now been removed! (ETA ~~ The VIP informs me that he got it at Wembley Stadium during the YesSongs tour, right?)

I went down to Ogden last night to fetch the DD so that she could come home and finish cleaning her room. I was invited to swim, and since the water temperature is only up to 77*, the best thing to do is just jump in all at once! We had a lovely supper outside on the deck, and Aggie attached the license plate onto the front of my car. Now maybe I'll quit getting pulled over!

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Valerie said...

Yes, MA'AM! Looky at all your socks! I think I got three more rows done on mine... And that's good news about the license plate!