Sunday, June 03, 2007

Feeling Uninspired

I haven't photographed any FO's, I'm just going to tell you that straight off. But the pink time-out socks are done, the blue scrappy socks are done (no I never did talk about those, I will when I photograph/post them) and of course the VIP socks are done. I also finished a Moebius, and bought another skein of yarn to start another one. It's not cast-on yet. I'm working on the second sock for my doctor, but there's no hurry because I can't get into see her before my trip to Chicago anyway. I'm halfway done with the foot of the second wool/alpaca sock that I am making with leftovers from the first two pair that I literally loved to death. That stuff is much harder to work with, and so I tend to put it down after five rows or so. My LYSO dyed some sock yarn in preparation for Snake River, and I bought one of those skeins. It's not pink, it's shades of blue and purple. She had one that had pink in it, and I may get it after I finish these socks.

School is out for my DD, so she is spending lots of time with Nana down in Ogden. I took her down on Friday. She will be going to Uprising with them, while I go to Chicago. I miss her, but it's good she wasn't here this weekend. I didn't do a thing. Okay well Saturday I did do a load of laundry, and I picked up a few things. But today I have done nothing but sleep on the couch, watch TV and knit. And eat. I didn't even go to church. I got up and I got ready, but I didn't actually go. I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself I guess. I didn't have anyone yesterday to ring up and say "Let's go do something". If I had been in Idaho, I have half a dozen girlfriends to go do stuff with. And it's obvious nobody in my ward here is the least bit concerned about me. I guess I should be bigger than this, but it's hurtful.

And I'd once again like to express my hatred for Utah law enforcement. I got pulled over twice in 72 hours for not having the front license plate attached to my car. It's not on there because the holes don't match! One was a USU campus cop, and the other was USP. Both out of their jurisdiction, I might add. And yet, there is STILL a meth lab operating next door to me.

Training at work is excruciating. Our trainer is doing her best, and she only learned this stuff a week before she had to teach it. I didn't used to like her at all, in fact I quite hated her. But this week hasn't been so bad. I hope I still like her after this is all over. But the training is too much info trying to be stuffed into our heads far too quickly. I think we get 6 days of training and then we are on the phones. It's an entirely new product, with different packages and prices, depending on what market you're in. And the computer systems are foreign and while they aren't necessarily more difficult, they ARE new and will take time to learn. The Powers That Be seem to think we will be able to hack it, and I want to show them that I can, but this is adding exponentially to my freak-out factor.

I leave for Chicago in 10 days. I've got the addresses of 2 yarn shops I've heard nice things about, and I bought a travel book at Borders last night with my 25% off coupon. I have all kinds of socks to knit on the plane, and I found a suitcase in the storage unit last weekend. I've been looking forward to this trip for months, and now that it's upon me, I'm scared.

So since I slept basically all day, of course I'm not sleepy now. I'm blog-surfing, and knitting, and listening to Stevie Nicks on my desktop iTunes. I've got all the windows open, trying to cool off the house, as it's still 80* upstairs at nearly 11pm.

After getting the storage shed all mucked out, now I need to do my house. First up is to weed through the books I'll never read again, and ship them off to Granny Mindy. I used to date her son, but that was a long time ago. She and Grampy Bob live in the middle of an Ozarks forest (talk about a magical place) and they have very very little. Whenever I weed out my books, I always send them to her. She reads them, she shares them with her friends, then she donates them to her local library so others can enjoy them. If you'd ever like to make someone's day for not much money, let me know and I'll send you her address. I wish I lived closer to her, I love her very much. I should ring her up; she stays up late.

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Valerie said...

Hm. I suppose you don't know my phone number. Bah, who am I kidding, I wouldn't be able to go anywhere even if you did call me. Call me anyway, okay?