Sunday, May 27, 2007


Has it been nearly two weeks already? Wow how time flies. A quick catch-up is in order then:

My dad got back from Oregon. The funeral was lovely, he brought back a program and I was able to read it. My poor uncle is still devastated, understandably. I've spent the past two weekends up here in Idaho. Last weekend was the Snake River Fiber Fair.
I didn't buy a whole lot of stuff, but I think I'll have fun with what did come home with me. I got 4 oz of a hand-painted roving from Woolly Wonka, two 50 gm balls of Regia sock yarn in a very discontinued colour, and 4 oz of prize-winning alpaca fluffy stuff. Haven't touched any of it yet, but I will! Had a lovely weekend, full of fun and good times. Got back to work Monday morning with the bombshell news that our call center has dropped DirecTV as their client, and is picking up Comcast. So we are all in the middle of a huge shuffle there, and it will take some time to get everything sorted out. Since that went down, we all had a 3 or 4 day weekend, so I came back up here to Idaho to spend some quality time in the storage shed. I went through every single box. Some stuff got consolidated, some got donated, some got tossed, it ALL got re-organized so now it is easy to find and remove when the time comes.

It's my dad's birthday tomorrow, on Memorial Day. We are planning on a barbecue and then I'll head out about 6pm to go back to Logan. I spent some time Friday out at the cemetary, tending my nephews' grave. I don't think my brother goes out there much, if at all. I took away all the trash and the broken decorations and toys, swept it all clean, and brought new decorations and toys. In case any of the family wants to go out and visit this weekend, it is all ready for them. I think tomorrow I'll go back over and take some photos.
In knitting news: The first pink stripy sock has come out of time-out and is finished. The second one is getting its heel flap knitted right now. The Very Special Socks for the VIP are all done. The slog-along continues with various and sundry items each getting a row or two.

In health news: I've been switched to Prozac, and I like it. I'm not napping as much, and I'm sleeping well at night. I seem to have mental energy to get things done (like cleaning out the storage shed) and things don't seem to be weighing down my mind as much. Yay for modern medicine!

Have a lovely Memorial Day and Happy Summer!

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Valerie said...

Happy Blogiversary! I'm a little late, aren't I. And that's so unusual for me! ;) (Didn't you say that it was the weekend of Snake River?)

What? Dropped DirecTV? Does that mean no more Tivo for you? Nooooo...