Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Slog-Along, My Way

Having too many projects on the needles is driving me crazy (short trip, I know) so I have declared this to be the week -- or maybe two weeks -- of finishing up languishing projects. I have started with a pair of wristwarmers that have been hanging around since about Thanksgiving. I am just picking up thumbhole stitches on the second one, so that will be finished tomorrow at work. And then I'll move on to another KnittyGritty Moebius that is about a third finished. Although with that, I may need to buy more yarn to complete it, which I'd really rather not do, as the whole point of that particular exercise was to use up yarn. *sigh* After that, I'll be making the very last pair of felted slippers, in two shades of green. These were supposed to be a gift for my ol' buddy Ford, but as he lives in Phoenix, I'm not sure he really needs them. May have to re-think that. And then I have a Booga Bag that I'm supposed to be knitting for a girl at work. I'm just done with the whole felted bag thing for awhile, so it's been a pain to try to get through. Also needing attention is a Paris Loop Poncho, with only about six inches to go. Purling in the round is not my idea of a good time, though. I've got a Mason-Dixon warshrag going, but I tend to keep one of those on hand, as they are like socks. And of course, there are socks going.

So how about that wonderful Feast of St. Pyre we attended last Saturday? Well it was a blast! The weather was perfect; you could not have ordered a better day out of the Sears Catalog. The venue was perfect, the fencing and fighting was a ton of fun, morning court was mercifully short, the children were well-behaved, the dogs did not get into any fights, lunch and feast were delicious, and a good time was seriously had by all. Unfortunately, I got a slight sunburn. My beautiful pink Italian Renaissance gown has long sleeves, a long hem, but deep decollete. I was lifted and squished into a very tight corset and now I have quite the interesting sunburn! No photos, sorry.

And to top it off, my lovely DD was presented with her very first SCA award! It was such a surprise to us, I barely had the presence of mind to get the camera out. But luckily, Their Majesties King Ralph (pronounced Rafe) and Queen Kassandra took their time and that gave me the opportunity to scramble up and into position. The award she got is called Gryphon's Pride, and it is the children's award. It is a large gold-coloured medallion with a gryphon on the front, and "Artemisia's Pride" on the back. From that, I'd assume it is a kingdom award, not necessarily an SCA award. But I shall ask at fighter practice this week.

Except for school still being in session, I think it's safe to say that summer has arrived. The temps have not cooled down at night at all this week, and my house is far too hot to bear. The swamp cooler hasn't been hooked up for the season yet, so I'm trying to cope by having all the windows open all night. But of course, we live in a desert. I hate dusting!

I missed it, but Tiffany posted a really wonderful review of the PBS documentary that aired this week about my religion.


dogfaeriex5 said...

hello my tola faerie, looks like the feast was a wonderful time! and dd got an award how wonderful for her...i think of you all the time with a smile on my face and hoping all is well, my fair maiden!!
xoxo~your whichywoman

ButtercupElffly said...

Great idea, Tola, I need to get these things of mine that are on the back burner done as well and it is a pile!! I have several craft projects to finish too... OOoooo pink how lovely.. I am sure you were stunning!!!
Even sun-burned--> Ouch

Fairy Hugs