Monday, May 14, 2007

In Time-Out

Oh I remember time-out. Actually, in my case it was "The Happy Chair". When I was a wee one, if I needed an attitude adjustment, I got to go sit in the Happy Chair. It was the captain's chair of our dining set. It was placed in the kitchen, next to the sink. My mom says sometimes I'd get a smile on my face before my bottom even touched the chair, other times I stayed there for quite awhile.

My sock is currently in the Happy Chair. And not because I'm happy with it! It is behaving very badly, indeed. First of all, I tried a short-row heel. But I forgot that since there were no gusset rounds, I would have to knit the foot longer to compensate for that. Rip-rip-rip, re-knit longer. Both socks. I was so proud, but then I put them on, and one had 40 rows of ribbing, and the other had 30 rows. And I hated how the short-row heel fitted. Rip-rip-rip some more, re-knit with heel-flap heel. One sock. Tried on again, I had knit too tight, trying to compensate for ramen yarn. Rip-rip-rip, wind on niddy-noddy, wash, hang, dry, re-wind. It's waiting to be knit. And then I will still have to rip the second sock back to the ribbing because 10 rows' difference of ribbing is going to bug me. *sigh*

In the meantime, I am to the heel flap of the second of Very Special Socks for my VIP. Huge socks for huge feet. The heel flap is 39 rows! On Friday I went to Knitters/Spinners Night down at the LYS, and one of the ladies there is a very accomplished knitter. I voiced my frustration with the short-row heel, and my boredom with the heel-flap heel. And since I almost always use stripey sock yarn, I want my heels to look good. Heel-flaps are okay for solid or variegated yarn, but not so good for stripey yarn. She told me to get a sock going, and to put half the stitches on waste yarn at the point of the heel, then continue. Next time we meet, she will show me her method. So of course I was Motivated, and got the remnants of two balls of Opal yarn that should just about be enough to make a pair of shortie socks. They are both ready for heels! And since I am at a standstill on that, I started my doctor's socks today at work. What's that voice I hear in the back? "Slog-Along" it says?
I've been slogging. I finished the cursed green wristwarmers. I finished the Moebius. The two Moebii shown are destined to be gifts this weekend, when I go back up to Rexburg. One is for my dear friend BT, who is a math teacher. I think she will be quite intrigued by the design, if not the colour. I know she prefers earth tones, but I had the purple mohair and I wanted to use it! I should have waited an hour longer to take the photos, the colours would have been more true. And why am I going up to Rexburg? Because it's time for the Snake River Fiber Fair! It will also be my one-year blog-iversary so of course I'll need to add to the stash a tiny bit. I still haven't knit up the sock yarn I bought last year. It is ugly in the extreme, so I haven't been too inspired. But I ought to add it to my slog-along and Just Do It. The DD is begging for socks again so maybe that is where it will go.

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