Friday, September 21, 2007


Except I have to work tomorrow, so that's not much fun.

So I've been learning stuff during the Summer of Socks. I've tried two different short-row heels, I've done toe-up, I've done one of the new Cat Bordhi designs (same sock, actually), I've done Jaywalkers, I've experimented with dyeing my own sock yarn, and now, just in time for the last day, I've learned not only how to cable, but cable without a needle. (I think there are far too many commas in that last sentence.)

For my final trick in SoS, I'm making the Nagini socks for my DD. I'm using the green sock yarn I bought for the VIP in Chicago. It's okay, I have more interesting stuff for him now. But I am witholding these socks until she has no more scabs on her legs. She is an incessant scab-picker and it drives me crazy! I swear, she got those mosquito bites in June.

So today is the last day of summer. I believe I will keep knitting socks though. Autumn of socks sounds just fine to me!

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Tina-Ladydove said...

Don't know why, but I tend to talk much more when I'm around you. hmmph. Tell me to shut up once in a while eh? I'm just so rude! Anyway, way to go on learning to cable with out a needle. I knew you could do it, even though I was trying hard to show you the wrong way. It was a test really, to see if you were smart enough to find someone like Val to teach you the right way.... you passed.
Seriously, sometimes I wonder how I knit at all. I think I make it all up most of the time.