Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What I Did Yesterday

Any guesses?
How about now? For all my love of pink, most of what I dyed yesterday is shades of blue/teal. But that's because I had six skeins of nasty-coloured mustard-yellow worsted-weight yarn. Three different dye-lots, so I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with them. I did immersion-bath dyeing, using Jacquard's Brilliant Blue. I am not unhappy with the result, but I wish it had dyed a bit more evenly. The ball is 4 ounces of natural wool, dyed with the injection method. I had a small bit of chartreuse, a bit larger amount of lilac, and a lot of turquoise. It is still wet, sitting out in the sunshine trying to dry. I will probably make Moebius scarves with this, and edge them with purple mohair, to use it up. The bottom row is what I am most proud of, though. From the top: 50 g of Univeral Pace, originally yellow, overdyed with Jacquard's Pink. Turned more orange than salmon, but I may re-dye it at a later date. Next is 100 g of Opal Zebra. Immersion-dyed in the same pot as the Pace. I do like pink and black. Then we have two 50 g balls of Paton's Kroy sock yarn. I used Jacquard's Pink, Lilac, and Brilliant Blue. The next hank is 100 g of KnitPicks Bare. I used only the Pink and the Brilliant Blue, and overlapped them in the middle. After that is another 100 g hank of Knitpicks using Lilac, Brilliant Blue, and Chartreuse. What a violent green it produced! Below that is two 50 g hanks of Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool, using the Lilac and Pink again. And at the bottom is two 50 g balls of Sirdar Snuggle Baby Bamboo, in Brilliant Blue and Chartreuse. It's only 20% wool so it took the dye much differently. But I do like it! I won't be giving Scout a run for her money anytime soon, but I can see why she likes to do it.


Anonymous said...

some of it, at least, will match your eyes: maybe you can knit eyelid-mufflers with that part, and a nose-warmer :)

Your VIP !

Tina-Ladydove said...

Very nice to 'meet' you through your blog! Thanks for the invite. Your MCM and my Danielle share a birthday. She's my red headed 5 year old that runs around the store when my DH picks me up on Thursdays. June 14th. Flag day.

Michelle said...

you knitted 'till your fingers turned blue, hahahaha

ButtercupElffly said...

Oh My, Blue finger nails---> Just think this might become the next big fad!!! It's kind of fairy wing blue.. Looks lovely..
Your color choices are fab!! I love them--> they are original and very, very nice..


PS: the finger nails just need a little fairy dust to finish off that look-->;-)