Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On Going Home

See this handsome guy? That's my Uncle Richard. The other people are my DD and his wife Mary. Photo taken two years ago at my brother's wedding. Why am I posting this? Because my dear uncle is about to be Called Home. DD and I drove down to Salt Lake City yesterday. We literally drove up to the house at the exact same minute as my mother in her car, and my father and grandmother in his car. My other uncle passed away 18 months ago, while everyone was at my great-aunt's funeral in Oregon. My poor grandmother really hasn't quite recovered from that, and here she is, about to lose her oldest son.

If you're at all spiritual or religious, please include our family in your prayers and good thoughts. This man saved my life when I was a child. He has always been so happy, kind, generous, and loving. I have so many stories to tell.

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Michelle said...

I will pray for him, thanks for putting his picture on.