Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Things To Do At Convergys When It's Dead

(With apologies to Mr Warren Zevon)

1 -- Knit. That's obvious. What is currently on my needles? Well, it's SSK (Super Secret Knitting). Other stuff is a Miner's Blanket Project square, sock yarn I've dyed, sock yarn I've won, as well as various and sundry UFO's that are *still* haunting me. "Aawooooo".

2 -- Read the news.

3 -- Read and comment on lots of blogs. (Not linking, you can click on anything on the lists at the right.)

4 -- Listen to podcasts. I stick one iPod earphone in my ear, underneath my headset. When a call comes in, I pause the podcast and take care of the customer. If I got caught, my @$$ would be grass, but oh well.

5 -- Make lists.
A -- Stuff I need to pack for my trip.
B -- Phone calls I need to make.
C -- Errands I need to run.
D -- Things to do in Denver when I'm dead. (Just kidding. I meant to say things to do in Philly when I'm there.)
It's pretty much interminable.

6 -- Write blog posts.

7 -- Chat with Marti on the secret g-chat!

8 -- Enter Coke Rewards numbers to get cool free stuff.

9 -- Play Bejeweled.


Anonymous said...

Read better news.


Advice courtesy of the seemingly-never-to-be-seen-in-the-wild VIP

Michelle said...

you forgot chat with marti on the secret g-chat ;)