Monday, August 27, 2007

Still Here

So I went to my niece's wedding this weekend down in Salt Lake City. She is actually my cousin's daughter, not my sibling's daughter, but in our family we don't freak out about correct nomenclature. It was a lovely reception, even though I got lost driving to it. I was able to see all my cousins and their spouses, and my aunt's brothers were there as well. I had gone to IKEA first and gotten some more chocolate, which I was afraid would melt. But the reception treats were ice cream sundaes courtesy of Leatherby's which is a local ice cream parlor chain. I was able to borrow room in the ice cream freezer and so my chocolate stayed nice and un-melted.

Afterwards, I went back to my uncle's house, to eat some supper and see him. I told him we all missed having him there. He really would have loved being there. It was a beautiful venue, and there were lots of people to talk to, not to mention ice cream! I also told him my VIP sent his greetings. As I reached down to give him a hug, he asked me: "Why can't I just die? Why am I still here? I just want to go." What do you say to that? I told him that maybe somebody is coming to see him, but I honestly don't know. I reminded him that his father, his brother, and his son are all waiting to escort him when it's time to go. I am going to miss him so much, but for his sake I want him to go soon.

My brother in Idaho Falls apparently has asked my mom a couple of times if he should come see our uncle, but my mom is kinda not able to make decisions right now and she didn't give him an answer. So I called him up yesterday morning and told him if he could manage it, to make a quick trip and go down. I hope he does, but it's all right if he can't. I've no idea if my mother's other daughter has bothered to show up or call. Since she just lives in Layton, you'd think she would. My brother in Brigham City has gone twice, and so have I.

So basically I am just waiting for The Phone Call. We will go about business as usual, with Harvest War and DD's birthday this weekend, as well as a nephew's baptism. And then my trip to Philly is the next weekend. We have so much planned to do, including dinner with my youngest brother in the Theatre District. I haven't seen him since February, and I miss him.

Next post won't be so sad, I promise.


Anonymous said...

And we're sure you won't leave one PA sheep unturned in your Quest for the Golden Fleece.


Michelle said...

i like how you refer to your ex-sister as your mothers other daughter lol