Thursday, September 27, 2007

Le Sigh

Remember I said I was making Nagini Socks for the DD? They don't fit. I am through seven repeats out of nine on the leg, and I had her try it on. It's way too tight. Since she picked out the yarn and the pattern, I am going to have to rip it back totally, and figure out how to add repeats to the special snakeskin cable. The pattern is written toe-up, but I figured out how to do it top-down. I am getting gauge, but either I need to increase the needle size (I'm on a 2 1/2) or else I need to increase the stitches. Any ideas? Has anyone made these socks?

However, these are very very nice, and not only because they come in a pink package. So far I can only find them in single-serving size, but I'm hoping I can find the bigger bags soon.

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