Monday, October 01, 2007


So we have a cute little boy who lives next-door to us. I think he is 3, his name is E, and he is very very cute. But we have to keep our door locked because if we don't all of a sudden he is inside, trying to let our bird out of his cage. Well yesterday, we neglected to lock the door after taking some trash out. Since we were expecting our home-teachers, we didn't think this was a big deal. The door opened, and E walked in.

"Wanna see my daddy-long-legs?"

Have I mentioned this kid loves bugs?

"Oh E, take your friend outside. Hurry!"
"Okay. Oh, where did he go? Bye!"

Since my vacuum broke two months ago, you can just imagine what my brown carpet looks like. There is no way on earth we are going to find a stray spider. Happy October!


Michael Irwin said...

will you knit knee-socks for his pet ?

Tola said...

What would i knit them with? spider silk?