Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Harlotty News

The Harlot is coming!!! The VIP has graciously agreed to go and see her and get a book signed for me. I informed him of the Really Good Idea to bring her beer, so he entreated me to quickly knit her a beer bottle cozy. He is planning on wearing his Opal Tiger socks pinned to a headband to look like ears, so that hopefully he will get enough notice that she will photograph and blog him.

He is a very good VIP, so good in fact that it is hardly necessary for me to print out and distribute Ms Harlot's Helpful Holiday Hints Post. So I am going to go home and grab the scraps of Opal Tiger and hurryknit a beer bottle cozy, then shove it in a box along with my copies of Knitting Rules and At Knit's End so that hopefully it will reach him before Oct 19.


Valerie said...

He is a VERY good VIP. Wow.

The cozy looked great, did I tell you that last night? And don't worry about the pink fuzzy stuff. It was lovely of you to offer it, but I think Mary Louise is more deserving and will give it a better home. I love knit night... :D

dogfaeriex5 said...

wow, i agree with valerie~he is an awesome VIP...prince charming....