Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!


In knitting news, I've made Halloweenie Socks from Trekking 81. Siri made some too, and called them Starfish Socks, because they reminded her of the purple and orange starfish along the Oregon Coast. I made them 2x2 rib, all the way down on 68 stitches, and then gave them to DD because they fit her better. She loves them, and I'll be making another pair for myself, because I really love this colourway. I also made a pair in Trekking 155 for the VIP, but they have been lost by the USPS. So that means I get to re-purchase this yarn and re-knit this pair.

These are made from the sock yarn I bought at Woolbearers when I went to visit the VIP last month. I really love this yarn so much. It has some nylon in it, but it's not superwash, so they have felted just the tiniest bit, and this makes them so incredibly soft and lovely. I have two more colourways of this, and I cannot wait to knit them into socks.

And that's about it. Don't eat too much candy!

Big thanks to the VIP who spent three hours on the phone with me, getting my wireless router and laptop all hooked up. He has the patience of an almost-saint!


bearsfirst said...

Hey couldn't handle your disappointment of no comments so thought you would like a comment and I like the pumpkin I doing one like that nex year my kids will lve it.

Lynn said...

Define "too much candy".

Anonymous said...

"too much candy" = more than you can eat in 24 hours, eating solidly without sleeping.

Note that this is an ever-renewing pile, so you always have the same amount - more than you can eat in the next 24 hours

the VIP

Michael Irwin said...

Marianne said...

Mmmm, I am LOVING that Trekking 81, I just have this thing about purple and orange...
I love your pumpkin...

shauna said...

I LOVE your pumpkin. I just might have to steal your design for Halloween next year (maybe we'll brave the knives then...)