Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why Yes, It Is Slow at Work

Because Tina asked if it was.

Big huge thanks to Kim, who found me a ball of Trekking 126 on Ravelry. Since I haven't joined (although Tina, Kim and Val are threatening to sign me up under dark of night) I asked her to please scout out and see if anyone had a ball they no longer wanted, and someone did! I'm so grateful, because I've been wanting this yarn for quite awhile now.

Today at work, we were greeted with the dismal news that Comcast is cracking down on us, and no longer will any non-Comcast material be allowed on the call floor. This means no more knitting. A moment of stunned silence while we mourn. I have so much nervous energy that I must do something with my hands while I am waiting the seven and a half hours to go by. I took eleven calls today. Four of them already had the Comcast Digital Voice (which we are not only required to actively sell, but will be terminated if we don't sell enough), one of them had had it, but had cancelled his account a month ago. The remaining callers were not interested in any way, shape, or form in giving even more of their money to Comcast. I don't blame them at all.

So I couldn't knit. Although I did hold the WIP in my lap for part of the day, I only actually knit on it while I was on my break. I wasn't supposed to surf the blogs or news sites, although I did. I tried to read some Conference talks, but I just couldn't concentrate. After the people that I talk to left, I listened to podcasts on my pink iPod. I've now finished the second season of Cast On and I'm almost caught up with Lime and Violet.

Ms Knitingale got our blanket squares. Scroll down past the spider story to see. And I made a KnitPicks order, but I ordered DK weight Bare yarn, not sock weight. Anyone want it? Six bucks (plus two if I have to mail it) and it's yours. Or I'll trade for bags of Razzberry M&Ms. I'm not interested in DK weight, and it's not really worth the trouble to send it back. I'll just be more careful to order the right stuff next time!

No photos right now, for two reasons. One, the camera is never upstairs when I am blogging, and yes, I am too lazy to go and get it. Two, most of what is on the needles right now (or recently off the needles) is SSK and hasn't reached its new home yet. Although, I couldn't stand it a minute longer and cast on Trekking 108 for a pair of socks for me. I got through the ribbing and 5 rows into the leg while listening to Whistler's show last night. Whistler is a dear friend of mine. I think we've known each other about five years. He invited me to the Jethro Tull concert last Tuesday in Salt Lake City, and it was awesome! I wished that DD had been able to come, because she plays flute in her school band, and I think she would have liked to hear Ian Anderson do his thing.

So that's it for now. Need to start going to bed at a more reasonable hour because these nightmares are affecting my sleep.


Tina - Ladydove said...

How much of the bare did you get?
See ya tonight?

Tina said...

Hope concert went well: Note about Ravelry I just found:

To answer a frequently asked question - Yes! Once Ravelry is open, everyone will be able to browse the site. You will not need an account unless you'd like to have your own notebook (for projects, stash, etc), post in the forums, add comments to projects, that sort of thing. Accounts will be *free* and we hope that most of you will want to participate instead of just lurking.

Tina-Ladydove said...

Me again
About the Baby Surprise in Sockweight yarn, I'd really be surprised if you would be happy with it. Just saying, that you are SOOO used to knitting at 8 to 9 to 22 stitches per inch with sockweight yarn, that the looser gauge you'd probably want for the sweater might drive you mad(er) I find that once I get used to knitting yarn at one gauge I have a hard time changing it, and liking it.
Hmm although her gauge is 6 stitches per inch, after looking at the pattern, I'm pretty sure I didn't meet gauge LOL! No wonder it didn't fit her. Maybe if you are wanting to make it for a new born, you're normal gauge would be fine. Do you knit looser in garter?