Friday, October 19, 2007

He's There!

After wasting ten minutes goofing around on Google Maps and getting him lost, I called the Borders store and got better directions. In case anyone wants to know, the Borders in Marlton NJ is just south of Brick Road on Route 73. He walked in, told me there were at least 150 people there, and then the call dropped. Poor Steph is unfortunately not feeling well, so hopefully she doesn't overdo it. More updates as the evening progresses.


Here is her blog report. And here is the photo that is on his camera.


Cambria said...

I'm here!! thanks for the repeat invite.

Tina - Ladydove said...

I saw him on her blog and yours. How cool is that. Where is his puppydog sock ears though? LoL

Anonymous said...

He'll display them on his blog when he gets the chance ... pop back here to discover just where that will be, and, therefore, just who the mysterious VIP is, too !

Tina - Ladydove said...

(Re: Anonymous said: pop back here..)

Popping back and waiting......
hmmm I'm not a good waiter... or waitress... hurry up VIP. =)