Monday, September 18, 2006


As a rule, I don't generally mind Mondays. My work schedule gives me split days off, so unless I've traded a shift with someone or taken paid time off, I don't really have a "weekend". For me, Monday is just another day. Having said that, I hate the computers at work today. Slower than cold tar, and ornery as all get-out to boot. I'd had enough with fighting with the blasted thing and I just left.

So how's your weekend? Mine was nice. Thursday night I took the DD down to her 4-day camping trip. And of course, the weather turned to fall this weekend. We had rain in the valley and snow up in the hills, and the temps dropped. I went and saw her Friday night and took her an extra sleeping bag borrowed from RP. I went Saturday afternoon and attended Court (I really wasn't dressed for the occasion, so I stood in the back) and witnessed DD's guardians for the weekend receive service awards for their many years of service to the SCA. It was so nice to see that, I felt all happy for them. I didn't know hardly anyone at the event, so it was nice to see someone I do know get recognized like that.
Driving down there Saturday, it was so pretty through the canyon. I had to stop the car and take some photos. The leaves are starting to turn, there's some snow up on top of the hills, and there was some fog. It all looked like an autumn faery-land. I just love this time of year, it is the most beautiful to me. And I thought of how MCM would have enjoyed seeing my photos. He loved the mountains and nature in general.
Sunday was my final trip to the campsite to retrieve the DD. Everyone I spoke with said she was very well-behaved and is invited to attend Crown Tourney next month in Provo. With such glowing reports, I will be happy to send her. I am needing to work hella overtime for the next four weeks, but today I just couldn't manage to stay another minute. Tomorrow I will begin the fight again.

I found some yarn at DI last week. A whole pound of vintage mogul-spun wool. It is the most atrocious shade of aqua (reminds me of 50s/60s era appliances) and I am going to have to over-dye it to get it to behave. If it were just blue I'd use pink and make a purple. But as it has green in it, that would be a Very Bad Idea. So I am going with navy, trying to darken the whole hue into something prettier than what it currently is. As for what I'll knit with it . . . . no idea yet. But I've wound it all into little hanks, all ready for my dye-pot. I want to do it tonight.

I got a new niddy-noddy this week. And I've got a couple of wooden expanding racks that I will be using to display hanks of yarn on. I need to get my gallon of pink paint mixed, so I can get my little items painted to match each other. When I finally get my wheel, I will paint it pink too. I cannot wait!

And Apple has updated the Nano . . . .it comes in pink! But they have also updated the Shuffle and now I'm torn. I truly don't want anything bigger than 1 or 2 GB, because I like to reload it every few weeks and make a new mix. And I don't want to spend a whole bunch of money because what if I lose it? I want to be able to replace it easily. So . . . . . . . I'll probably get the new teeny-tiny Shuffle (it's a clip-on this time!) and just *wish* it were pink. But I downloaded the new iTunes and I'm not so enamoured of it. Maybe there's a learning curve to it.

And tonight is the world debut of a song called "No Kites" made by my very own brother, DJ Sid. It is being played tonight for the very first time on DLBN by Whistler. You're always invited to stop by the archives and download the show to listen to at your leisure. PLEASE download the show! Even better, PLEASE come listen to it live, and hang out in the chatroom with us.

I LOVE THIS WEATHER ! ! ! It's better than spring!
Not the snowy rainy windy wintery crap; the nice cool, clear beautiful days.

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