Sunday, September 10, 2006

A Public Thank-You

To WhichyWomn and Geanie (both of whom have commented here). Look what I found in my mailbox last Wednesday night:
It's a handmade card by/from Geanie, by way of WhichyWomn. And there is a tiny silver angel pin on it. I took the pin off and put it on my brassiere strap the minute I saw it, but I put it back on the card for the photo shoot. Geanie made the card, then enclosed it in a swap package for WhichyWomn and asked her to forward it to me. I got it on Wednesday but I've been so busy I haven't had time to post. I didn't want them to think I am ungrateful. I am so grateful for caring friends, no matter where they live. This has been a difficult month, but I want to thank all of my wonderful friends and family who have held my hand and let me cry and have been supportive of me. You will be blessed for your good works, of this I have no doubt.

And since it's been a week since I've posted, some more rambling musings. Thank you in advance for your indulgence.

Today was NFL kickoff. I am So Upset. I am tech trained, but my current team is a non-tech team. With today being the first NFL regular game, we had all hands on deck so that we could fill all the orders for NFL Sunday Ticket. Have I mentioned that for every sale of the NFLST, we get a $5 commission? I got ZERO sales today, on the busiest day of the year. Why? Because I was told I had to log into the technical queue instead of the activations queue. I helped 50 people *watch* their NFLST games (because the first day there is always a glitch and every single receiver seems to think it needs to be reset before it will broadcast the games) but I never once sold a subscription. For every sale today, each agent got 2 drawing tickets and drawings were held every hour. Okay prizes, nothing spectacular. But I wasn't even in the running. I don't care about the dumb prizes, I care about the commission. How else am I going to buy my wheel? We *did* get a nice catered lunch though. And . . . . I have to admit I had a kick-@$$ outfit on too. A few weeks ago we all got t-shirts with the DirecTV and NFLST logos on them, front and back. I never wear the t-shirts they give us at work, because they are Too Big and I hate them. But I figured I could show some "team spirit" and wear the dumb t-shirt. But not as a t-shirt, no. I made mine into a skirt! And it looks so awesome. Photos to come, I have to show someone in person first. The DD said if I wear it to church, she won't sit by me. Well I wasn't planning to, but now I just might. The ladies there would just shake their heads at me. They have finally figured out I'm not a Molly and I never will be and even though it's alien to their world, I think they might actually be starting to like me for who I am.

And Friday night was Spinner's Night at the LYS. I used one of the Kromski wheels at the shop (the Mazurka). It spins lovelily (not a word, I don't care) but I find the wheel radius is too small for me and I have to pedal too fast to get anything done. Next time I'll try the Symphony which is a larger radius wheel, but a double-drive. The Prelude I'm thinking of buying is between the two in size, but a single-drive. Who knows, I may try the Symphony and decide it's The One. And the DD wanted to spin, so she was started on a Minstrel, which is double-drive. It took her awhile to get the hang of pedaling, but she spun for a solid hour and this is what she produced:Not too bad for a first-timer. Pound, Euro, and quarter included for scale. I have international readers, you know!

Last Wednesday was SCA. We are getting ready for Harvest War which is next weekend. After SCA, the DD and I drove up to Idaho because we both had dental appointments at 7:30 am Thursday morning. I didn't sleep at all because my parents have a grandfather clock that bongs every fifteen minutes. I got no sleep, and I ran myself hard the whole day (as usual) and then had to drive home that night and work the next six days. The good news is neither of us need any immediate dental work (I need a crown, but I've needed that for 18 mos). I also went to see my chiro, stopped at the LYS there and got some way cool Lana Grosse sock yarn. She had a sample sock displayed and I Had To Have the yarn. And my LYS doesn't carry Lana Grosse. And I also got my hair cut. Not short, just a trim.

Tomorrow is 9/11. When I was in college in Hawaii, we survived Hurricane Iniki on Sept 11, 1992. It happened about the same time as Hurricane Andrew and even though it was stronger, it didn't do nearly as much damage (only 4 deaths) and so it wasn't covered by the media nearly as much. Jurassic Park was being filmed on Kauai at the time, and cast and crew had to be evacuated because Kauai and Niihau were hit the hardest. So five years ago, I had pulled out my commemorative t-shirt that my friend had designed and sold because I wanted to wear it on the anniversary of the hurricane I survived. As soon as I turned on the news, I put the t-shirt away. I haven't worn it since. As bad as the hurricane was, its gravity has been superceded by the events of five years ago and I feel disrespectful to those who died if I were to wear it. My love for the month of September has been marred forever, and I sometimes feel guilty for enjoying a beautiful early fall day. Do I think too much? I just hope that in 20 years' time, that 9/11 doesn't become another day off where we have picnics and backyard barbecues and pool parties like Memorial Day and December 7. Americans being what they are, it probably will. Hey Yarn Harlot, can I move to Canada?


Gina said...

Tola you are very welcome...
Here's to you getting your wheel soon! Godlove, Gina (Geanie)

dogfaeriex5 said...

you are a wonderful spirit, my tola faerie! in fact i name one of my spirit dolls fitting!