Monday, September 25, 2006

Fun Day Off

So my friend BT drove down Sunday for a quick visit. Her husband is away for a few weeks and she thought she'd take some time and come see us. She was only able to come for a few hours but we had loads of fun anyway! We drove into Sardine Canyon and wandered the roads in Mantua. She loves to see the fall colours as much as I do, but like me, she won't go by herself. We didn't do anything glamourous or even strenuous, we just got up in the hills and enjoyed the pretty scenery.


MCM would have loved this photo. It has a lens flare in it.

Some scrub oak.

And now for some knitting content:
Lion Brand has a new 100% wool yarn out now, appropriately called Lion Wool. I bought some at Wal-Mart cuz I was there and it was there and it was pink and well . . . . . you know how I am with pink wool. Besides, I wanted to make a felted bag, and I didn't want to buy $$ Noro Kureyon yet until I get better.

So here is my Booga Bag prefelted

and post-felted

It's hard to tell that it is so totally smaller after felting, because I didn't include any other item in with the photos for scale. I'll remember that next time. However, let's just say that Lion Wool felts really really well. Almost too well. I bought 2 skeins of the print, and one skein of the solid. I haven't weighed the remainders, but I'd say I have about the same amount of each skein left over. Next time I will buy the same amount, but cast-on more stitches for the bottom and use up ALL the yarn (after I've made the i-cord) and then join the print and just knit until I run out. That would get me a bigger bag, and I wouldn't have so much left over. I hate wasting anything. I have to say though, that I rather like the stripey thing going on. I didn't do a thing to make it do that. When I joined the second skein, I used the russian join and the print matched up perfectly. Of course, a few rows later, there was a big huge KNOT in the yarn, so I had to tink a few stitches, pull out some from the skein and find the pattern repeat and do another russian join. I wanted to do that join instead of a knot because I knew that in the felting process it would work out much nicer. So all in all, I am very well pleased with my end result, except for the size. But for my first felted bag, I think I did quite well. The girls at work were all very admiring, which always makes me feel good.

And we also have snocks! These are not for me, they are for my friend JN. She chose the yarn (again Lion Brand Magic Stripes) and I think they turned out quite nice. And I have No Idea How It Happened, but the stripes match up perfectly. I couldn't do that again if I tried!

Modeled by me because JN lives in Rexburg. If she sends me a photo of them on her feet then I'll post it.

That's about it for now. As usual, if I think of something I'll do an ETA. I did add some photos to my last post, so go take a look.

Confidential to RP: Heroes come in many guises. You never know who considers you their hero.

*ETA* Here's a photo of JN modeling her snocks

She says they fit perfectly, I can't wait to see them in person. I am going to her son's wedding next weekend and I'm so excited to go back home and see my friends!

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Gina said...

Love the colours the bag and the socks you are such a clever knitter! I am still trying to get you enough wool from Logan... knitted bags are lovely...