Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Deja Moo

Same bullsh*t, different day. I hate, loathe, and despise technical troubleshooting. I would seriously much rather fight with people about the state of their past-due accounts than re-program somebody's remote control. I would rather be *GRBH than attempt to tell someone the most effective way to hook up their entertainment system. But having said that, I am still getting up early to go to my third day (of six) of tech training. However, I will be going tomorrow with hella chocolate stuffed into my recycled-wool handbag, and as many Diet Cokes as still reside in my fridge. I think I am down to my last one though, and I don't think I have any change for the vending machine either. Wheaties, nothing! The true Breakfast of Champions is hella chocolate and Diet Coke.

Yesterday while I was in the middle of having a panic attack about coaxial cable and RCA cables, and S-Video cables and who-knows-what-all, my pocket started ringing. It was RP, asking what time I would be home. I said I reckoned about 4pm. He told me he would be by at 4:30 and we were going up to Porcupine Dam. Well, a trip in the pickup, I am All Over That! Got home, found some water bottles, found a hair elastic, went potty, and at 4:30 we were off on adventure! It involved falling down a hill, washing off in a river, dinner at McDonald's (I got Jack Sparrow in my Happy Meal) and a road turning into a river. This last sight so astonished me I couldn't even take a photo. I want to be with when he tackles that with a buddy. Four hours after we left, we were home. I just love going in the pickup.

Totally bedtime. I have to be somewhat awake for training tomorrow. So much info is being crammed into my head, I know I have leakage as soon as I leave. Oh, and if you haven't been able to guess my acronym, GRBH stands for gang-raped by Huns. Have a great day!

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ButtercupElffly said...

Hi tola, Its beecharmer, Well my dear sounds like quite the full day.. Ahh --> I love to go in the pickup.. we have a 66 ford 3/4 ton had ole blue for 20 years now still my favorite..
PS: I have D-tv whats with the new "world" d-tv option??