Monday, July 24, 2006

Look What I Did Today!

Wow! I desperately need a new brassiere. ICK!!

I spun and plied 189 yards of brown corriedale. Okay well I didn't spin ALL of it today. This is my third Sunday I've spent spinning. And I learned how to ply today as well. This is so much better than using the drop spindle! I have decided that all my bonus money from work will be going into a spinning wheel fund. I've already sold 40 NFL Sunday Ticket subscriptions. Each one of those adds $3 to a Visa gift card I'll get after the promotion is over in October. No idea what wheel I'll buy. I've spun on three different ones now. I am not going to be a wheel snob and only consider one kind. If it's a saxony or a castle or a fold-up, none of that matters. I just want one!

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