Thursday, July 20, 2006

Upcoming trip

I am going to Chicago, probably in less than 3 weeks. MCM is having longer periods between lucidities, and I need to go and see him. I have spoken with his friend there, and she has graciously offered to collect me from O'Hare, and let me stay at her place while I am there. I am so grateful to her. I am really at a loss for words, I can barely string coherent thoughts together. I have so much planning to do, so I cannot allow myself to lose control much. I am so afraid of having a seizure in the middle of all this planning and so I am keeping a Very Tight Rein on my emotions. How can I live without my best friend?

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dogfaeriex5 said...

sweet girl~
whatever happens happens for a may not be what we want but it just are a wonderful strong-spirited faerie, stay strong and gather your strength from all your sisters from around the globe..we are all supporting you and sending you strength..
take care~k